Saturday, January 31, 2015


Because of yesterday's events, I can now say that I am the victim of some sort of odd mauling incident. Yes. I am lucky to be alive.

Ok - here is what actually happened:

A new "outlet" store of a certain brand name clothing manufacturer (whom we will from here on out refer to as X clothing) opened in my town yesterday. Now, I put outlet in quotes (note sarcasm) because while it is housed in an outlet shopping center, quite frankly, I don't see any difference between X clothing's outlet prices and their actual store prices. Call me frugal, but I want my discounts!

None the I wander in to X clothing's "outlet" store yesterday morning on my way in to work (not really to buy, more to be nosy and browse) and as soon as I walked in - BAM! I seriously had 4 sales girls in my face telling me about the layout, the sales, the specials, the styles, what they ate for dinner the night before, the brand of toilet paper they buy, the name of their grandmother's life insurance company...and on and on...

I tried to politely explain that I was just browsing. No avail. They kept on. So, then I tried to explain how I was on my way to work and didn't have much time (i.e. if you want to try to make a sale off me, you better shush up and let me shop!) but still...they kept on. "Where do you work", they ask. And "can you tell everyone there that we are open" they plead.

Finally, I managed to dodge them when some other unsuspecting customer wandered through the doors (and into the netherlands of over-zealous sales-girl paradise).

So, I wander to the other side of the store - finally clear from any sales pitches or pleas for free publicity. And then...they decend on me like flies onto spilled ice cream in the hot days of august - more sales people! More! Stockers! cashiers! window cleaners! I mean, the ratio of customers to employees must have been 2:395 !

Needless to say - I hightailed it out of there. So what if I had to sit in the faculty parking lot for 30 minutes waiting until classes started. So what if in the process my car battery died from trying to listen to my iPod. At least I wasn't going to be left in the place where super eager sales people went to live out their final days.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hey Hey!

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to posting lots of goodies...crafting shenanigans, recipies, links to interesting articles and sites...and of course, the mundane and often humorous little happenings in my life!

And...if you have a blog I should be following...leave a comment & let me know!

Happy reading!
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